Nick Ward

Vice President | Reed Media Partners

Nick Ward is the writer and producer of the viral “Weekend at Biden’s” political parody ad. The ad, produced in collaboration with Patchwork Creative, gained over 1 million views in 48hrs, and over 5.5 million views on TikTok.

Mentored in Rick’s specialty of “bare-knuckle TV ad campaigns” and with success in the digital arena, Nick has helped Reed Media score notable wins including contributing to the defeat of Terry McAuliffe and flip of Virginia to Glenn Youngkin, as well as defeating the amendment to legalize corporate marijuana in Arkansas.

With a brand strategist and filmmaking background, Nick has worked as a producer and media strategist on congressional campaigns, state supreme court, and mayoral elections nationwide.

Nick served as Campaign Manager for the hard-fought 2021, 2022 Mayoral and Trustee elections in Southampton Village where all candidates were elected in a landslide victory.

Nick believes in the shared American values of freedom and liberty, and will fight to ensure the right of every American to think for themselves, and be empowered to reach their own success.

Nick has a BA in Chinese Language and Culture from Oberlin College, and studied Film Production at New York University Tisch.