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Restoration PAC Ad Slams Terry McAuliffe in $1.75 Million Ad Buy as VA Governor’s Race Heats Up

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is “too dangerous” to lead Virginia again, a Restoration Act ad, part of a $1.75 million TV ad buy, released Wednesday — less than two weeks from Election Day — asserts.

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New Conservative PAC Launches Satirical Campaign Ad: ‘Weekend at Biden’s’

Nick Ward, who created the ad with the “No to Joe PAC” and appears in it as a beanie-wearing aide, told Fox News Thursday that he wanted it to be funny without being offensive. “I actually hope that Joe Biden sees this and laughs,” he said. “Sometimes things like humor allow you to look at aspects of yourself, or what you’re involved with, in a way that you weren’t willing to acknowledge before.”

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What The Swifties Wrought

For Republican ad-man Rick Reed, the inaugural press conference of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was less a professional opportunity than a chance to catch up with kin.

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