New Conservative PAC Launches Satirical Campaign Ad: ‘Weekend at Biden’s’

With politics, sometimes it’s OK to lean back and relax.

Or to the side. Or even straight forward until you bump your head on the podium.

A new satirical ad spoofs the hit 1980s movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” at the expense of former Vice President Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

The ad shows two young aides through the night with a lifeless replica of the Democratic nominee for president.

They go get the candidate from his basement, blow-dry his hair, clean off his veneers and drive him to a campaign stop – where he promptly collapses on the podium as they let go of his shoulders.

There’s also a brief diplomatic meeting between the candidate and foreign officials.

“Hunter still owes us,” one of the diplomats says.

At the end, the two aides push their candidate into the back of an SUV.

“How long do we have to keep this up?” one asks.

“Nov. 3,” the other responds.

Nick Ward, who created the ad with the “No to Joe PAC” and appears in it as a beanie-wearing aide, told Fox News Thursday that he wanted it to be funny without being offensive.

“I actually hope that Joe Biden sees this and laughs,” he said. “Sometimes things like humor allow you to look at aspects of yourself, or what you’re involved with, in a way that you weren’t willing to acknowledge before.”