Restoration PAC Release TV Ad “Catastrophic” In U.S, Senate Race In Wisconsin

Restoration PAC is getting involved in the pivotal U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin with a hard-hitting 60-second TV ad titled “Catastrophic” that spells out the folly of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The ad supports Republican incumbent Senator Ron Johnson, who believes the Obama administration fails to understand the dire threat that Iran poses to America and the world.

“History teaches us that weak deals with fanatical regimes bent on destruction of the West are worse than no deals,” said Doug Truax, founder and executive director of Restoration PAC and Restoration Action, Oak Brook, IL-based organizations. “America’s weakness on the world stage brings us closer to war, not peace. Ron Johnson understands this and Restoration PAC is supporting those who understand our history.”

Starting today, the ad is running in the key Wisconsin TV markets of Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Truax, a 2014 candidate for U.S. Senate in IL, is a West Point and Army Ranger School graduate and successful health care consulting entrepreneur. As a political newcomer, he gained 44 percent of the vote statewide against an established, self-funded candidate and has been described by a cable outlet as one of Illinois’ rising political stars.

He said Restoration PAC is focusing its efforts on making sure Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate in 2016. He said the PAC plans to get involved in other pivotal Senate races in order to elect conservative candidates who agree with Restoration’s Blueprint for the Restoration of America policy agenda.

Producing “Catastrophic” is award-winning ad-maker Rick Reed, who specializes in national security issues and whose Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad campaign was pivotal in re-electing George W. Bush President in 2004.